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About our Company

A Self Performing Organization with Effective Monitoring and Economical Solutions

From our humble beginnings as rookies in 2019, we have transformed into a robust and highly skilled professional team, becoming subject matter experts in the residential segment. Our unwavering commitment to teamwork and employee empowerment has fostered a culture of high integrity and dedication, driving our success and setting us apart from competitors. We continue to excel in serving our clients with excellence and expertise.

40+ satisfied customers
   7.5MN+ Sq.ft Area Managed
Presence Over 6 Cities
6000+ Residential Units
600+ Clever Employees
100% Statutory Compliance

Comprehensive Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Services

Maximize utility equipment lifespan with our proactive Predictive & Preventive Maintenance services. Our Technical team offers 24/7 support for optimal performance and longevity.

House Keeping / Gardening Services

Our skilled team and advanced cleaning ensure a high-quality, eco-friendly environment. Expert gardeners maintain lush landscapes with watering, deweeding, mowing, pruning, trimming, and nurturing an in-house nursery.

Waste Management

Every facility implements waste segregation at the source using the 2 Bin 1 Bag System. Segregated waste is disposed of by authorized agencies or converted into manure via OWC. Regular training emphasizes the importance of waste segregation.

Pest Control

Regular pest control activities such as fogging, misting, rodent control, and snake management are conducted to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for residents. Optimal pest management ensures safety and hygiene.

Security Services

Ensure the safety of your facility with our expertly trained security personnel. We implement rigorous schedules, guidelines, and monitoring for round-the-clock surveillance. Trust us for reliable security solutions.

Manpower & Staffing Solutions

Delivering top-notch support solutions with skilled and unskilled manpower, office, mailroom, and pantry assistants. Adhering to work etiquette and grooming standards for impeccable service quality.

Why Choose e2s

Experience the Excellence of E2S

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Focused Attention
To Customers

Prioritizing customer needs ensures personalized service and enhanced satisfaction.

Collective Experienced

Unified expertise: leveraging collective skills for unparalleled performance and innovation.

Flexiblity & Scalability

Versatility and growth potential ensure adaptability and efficient expansion.

Cost Benefits

Cost advantages drive efficiency, maximizing value while minimizing expenses.

Self Performance

Individual effectiveness model: optimizing performance through self-awareness and continuous improvement.

Empowering Employee By
Rewards & Recognitions

Boosting morale and productivity through incentives and acknowledgment fosters empowerment.

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Segments We Serve

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Manufacturing & Processing Industries
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Malls & Retail Stores
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Corporate offices IT & ITES
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Telecom & BFSI
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Hotels & Hospitality Healthcare
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Customer Statement

Our Client Feedback

Ruby Ananta

On behalf of Ruby Ananta flat owners and residents welfare association and on behalf of all the residents of Ruby Anantha, we would like to convey our sincere thanks and appreciation for the invaluable services rended by E2S team led by by Mr.Bala during the cyclone. Mr Bala and his team stayed back beyond their duty timings and ensured uninterrupted supply of water and operated the DG sets in the most judicial manner so as to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the residents. Housekeeping staff, braving weather and difficulties at their own residences, reported for duties and ensured cleanliness. Security team did a commendable job. The committee would once again wish to place on record its sincere appreciation and devotion to duty by e2s team and hope that they will continue to provide the best of services to Ruby Ananta in the years to come


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DSR Ultima

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional work you have been doing as the apartment manager at DSR Ultima. I have witnessed firsthand the dedication and professionalism with which you handle your responsibilities. Your commitment to maintaining a clean, safe, and well-managed environment for all residents has not gone unnoticed. Here are a few aspects that I believe deserve special recognition: 1. Maintenance and Repairs: Your quick response and efficiency in handling maintenance and repair requests have been remarkable. Whether it's a leaky faucet or a more significant issue, you and your team have consistently addressed concerns promptly, ensuring that residents can live comfortably without prolonged disruptions. 2. Communication: Your regular updates and announcements have been informative and helped foster a strong sense of community within the complex. 3. Managing Society staffs: Thanks to your proactive approach to manage security and other staff. 4. Society Events and Amenities: There are various events (Sports,Cultural Fest etc) you have helped us to organize for residents. 5. Managing and prioritizing activities : You have done a good job coordinating multiple major works such as society painting, addressing seepage issues, water proofing, landscaping, and other associated works along with your regular duties. Please extend your support to our new committee and once again, thank you for all that you do.

Mr.Lijo Ponnappan

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DSR Ultima

Hi, I'm Anand, the secretary of DSR Ultima Apartment Owners Association. We are a residential complex consisting of over 160 apartments. We also have a water treatment plant, a sewage treatment plant, DG set catering to all the apartments, etc. So we finalize E2S as our Facility Management Services Provider. Three months back, we primarily choose them because of their expertise in providing engineering services.Unfortunately for them and for us, immediately after they took charge, two weeks after that, the Corona second wave started, and then there were lots of restrictions. People had difficulty coming down, getting things etc., so we struggled a bit. So then I should say, E2S did their best to ensure that the client's services did not get impacted. Once the restrictions were lifted and things started getting back to normal, E2S services have become streamlined. So they helped us resolve a long pending issue, electrical issue, do in the water treatment plant in a very simple and effective manner. The services, they have been continuing to provide lots of services on the engineering services, and we can see lots of improvement in their services. So I wish them all the very best. I would urge them to expand their team, take up more clients, and continue to do the good work that they have already been doing. Thank you.


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Prestige Downtown

I'm VS Ramesh, Secretary of Prestige Downtown Apartment Owners Welfare Association. Our Apartment Prestige Downtown, West KK Nagar, Chennai. We, in 2019, took over property from builder to take over. Until that time, builder maintained property. After taking over, we were looking at which agency we wanted to maintain property. We got a link through a friend about E2S. we were impressed with the way in which they presented their business. Also, the senior management team who we met was really knowledgeable people and explained all the scenarios and the possibility, the way in which they will maintain, everything they explained to us from A to Z. We were really impressed, all the association members. Then we decided to hand over the property to them. They are doing excellent job. E2s is doing excellent job in maintaining the property. All the residents are extremely happy with the services provided by them. The assets are maintained very well by the E2S team. They have detailed schedule of maintenance for each and every asset, and they carry out. And even in case of any minor issue to be attended, the management team, apart from the team sitting in our downtown apartment, the maintenance team, the management team, the key members, the technical members, joins the team at downtown. They do collectively carry out any collective action required for maintenance of our assets. So we are extremely happy for the last two years, the services provided by E2S. Also the price quoted by and maintained by E2S is very reasonable and within the reach of a very good apartment like ours.

Mr.VS Ramesh

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DRA Pristine Pavilion

Myself, Ravi Kiran, Secretary of DRA Pristine Pavilion Owners and Welfare Association, which is in Mahindra World City. We at Pristine Pavilion took over association recently, and we were looking for a good service provider for doing the facility management at our Pristine Pavilion site. E2S, Engineering and Environment Solutions. We found E2S as a good service provider in terms of technical and commercial. We were very impressed with the way they came to us in terms of ethical and morally. We visited one of the site in KK Nagar to go through the SOP implementation. We found very good. Without any other thought, we offered our business to E2S. From then, E2S was doing a very good job by keeping 459 owners very happy. Thank you.

Mr.Ravi Kiran

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Prestige Downtown

We as resident of Prestige Downtown are very happy with the services of E2S they are qualified professionals and they know what the residents want and we are very happy to have them as our service provider in this complex. So they are always focused their attention on resolving the issues on a timely basis, and we are very happy about their performance in the last one plus year, and we are happy to recommend them for other apartment residential complexes for providing the services. We are very happy with their performance. So in the pandemic situation also we had two pandemic waves in the last one plus year. So in the last wave as well as in the current wave, also their staff stayed here and supported here and they ensured at least 99.9%, uninterrupted services to the residence. in terms of availability of service, residents have not felt that we are in a pandemic situation. So that is the kind of support they have done to the residents. And whenever there is an issue in terms of technical, they are higher officials are present, at the site and then they provide the needy solutions to the team. So we are very happy to have them as our service provider, and we would recommend them. And we have not felt the pandemic at all in terms of deficiency of service, or non-availability of persons in the last two pandemic waves. So we are very happy about their presence in the in our complex. So we always feel them as part of our society, we do not consider them as a service provider. We always feel about their presence as part of our family member. So that is the kind of relation and coordination they have built in the last one year.


Resident EC Member
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